17. Full of sass. Often consider myself as a hidden psycopath. Mental age of 10. I'm probably just retarded.

Super messy and multi-fandom blog but I don't care. Love films and music and mother nature and artistic shit. But have special love for the following:

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Anonymous: I see that you watch Doctor Who, and I was wondering, do you ship the Doctor and Rose? And if you do, nine/rose, ten/rose, eleven/rose, all of the above? Do you ship Doctor/River or Doctor/Clara? And if you ship all of the three, which one most? Do you read Rose and Eleven fics where Rose and Eleven are together, and River's just a close friend? Sorry this is really long. Thanks. x 

I don’t really ship rose and the doctor, perhaps it’s because I watched the eleventh doctor first, then back to ninth and tenth so I lack time for building up emotions and feeeeels to ship them. But i do ship Doctor/River and Doctor/Clara. I found it a bit hard to accept the idea of Doctor/River at first but their chemistry just made me fell for them. Their lack of screen time together made me turn to the fics:P But I ship Doctor/Clara the most. I think they are somehow alike, but Clara doesn’t have that dark side like the doctor. Plus they both can talk really fast:D

tbh, i ship Doctor/Captain Jack xD


when people bug gerard about the breakup


when people blame mikey for the breakup


when people are rude to the band members because of the breakup


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whenever someone mentions mcr


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